Amrith – The Womb Melodies


Motherhood is the most cherished but painful delight in the world. No other feelings can be compared to the happiness and selflessness of giving birth. Conception is the most surprising and overwhelming experience for most of us. Realisation of this is something that is beyond words and expressions. Prenatal period is considered as the sacred period during which a woman is elevated to the heights of almighty—the creator. Every moment of prenatal period is unique because these are the rarest and happiest moments in a woman’s life.

A child’s growth and future is determined by the emotional and mental status of the mother. That is why psychologists say every pregnant woman should attain a happy and peaceful mental state during and after pregnancy. But in this dark age how many of us can be in a state of mental equilibrium? Each person’s mental state is influenced by their thoughts and the functioning of neurons. Pregnant women face difficulty to attain mental and emotional balance because of anxiety, stress and domestic problems. The present pandemic situation makes it worse.

palana_neurosync_amrith_THE WOMB MELODIES

Here comes the importance of Palana Neurosync Amrith. “Amrith” is designed to make motherhood in these difficult and frightening situations more joyous and prestigious. experience. Regularly listening to Neurosync Wave Amrith will reduce your mental stress and anxiety and hence prenatal period becomes the most memorable period in a woman’s life. Neurosync Waves Amrith also offers the maternal bonding with the child by making changes in their neural pathways.

Utilising Ancient wisdom and Modern technology Palana Neurosync Amrith controls human thoughts and offers more positive attitude to maternal bonding .  Amrith  should be one among the bucket-list as it is one of the best to be listened and experienced during prenatal period which shows visible variation in brain waves. it creates a rare joyous feelings which is reciprocated between the mother and baby inside.

Amrith helps to:
• Improve the blood circulation in to the womb.
• Reduce the stress and relax the mind of Expectant mother.
• Make the Expectant mother’s brain more active.
• Mold your future generation.

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