Can Corona be a Constructive Disruptor?


Most of the worries raised by the parents in the time of Covid-19 are centred on the mental stress of students. Academia is experiencing massive reforms globally amid lockdown. As students are locked in houses, their anxieties pervade through multiple dimensions.

Students are in different phases of their academic year. As part of lockdown, their examinations are postponed and actual date is yet to declare. When lockdown declared, some of them were waiting their entrance examination, some were about to complete their academic year, and others were writing their examination. The quick shift into online classes would have disturbed students’ mental process. As their future is at the crossroads, their mental health must be given prime concern. The entire performance of the students depends on their mental health.
We cannot state that Covid-19 is the source of all anxieties in students. Students across the world experience mental stress because of domestic violence, academic pressure, sexual harassment, adolescence crisis, identity crisis and so on. If these are not addressed effectively, it may lead them to depression. A few of the above mentioned crisis may be balanced (not always) by the presence of their peer group. But the lockdown has grabbed their campus life and peer interaction.

Here, the question “Can Corona be a Constructive disruptor?” gets relevance.

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The unprecedented time has brought most of our family members together. Everyone gets a chance to experience what the child/husband/wife (or their respective role) is, when s/he studying/working from home/doing household chores. Many of them express their stress that may be hitherto unknown to their loved ones. Parents get the best opportunity to know about their child’s differently exposed moments.

If any crisis is noticed and addressed by the parents on time, that will be the first and foremost step for their child’s bright future. The period of Covid-19 lockdown must be constructively utilized to understand our family members’ state of mind. Students needs best friends to alleviate their mental stress. They need private moments, public gathering, care, and stress releasing exposure.

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