Personality can be defined as the set of features that cause to attract or repel others. It refers to individual differences in thinking, feeling and behaving. Personality decides the role of a person in society. Who leads and who follows is mostly decided by the personality of individual. In another words, charisma of a person […]



Children are the greatest blessing of the Almighty. No treasure can nourish human emotions than their children. Human pleasure and expectations are centred on their offspring. In another way the most valuable thing that a couple can present to the world is their children. Because they are the future. They are the riding force of […]

Samriddhi- Entrepreneurs


Do you strongly believe that you are the supervisor of your life story? Are you unable to steer your life into a successful path? Do you wish to ascend yourself as your Boss? Successful career is attained by a few. For a successful business career one should realize that s/he decides and is responsible for […]



Sex is not only a reproductive process but a mesmerising experience that binds human relationships together. Human morality, unlike animals, encourages monogamy hence consistent happiness in lovemaking with the same partner is very important. Eros is generally considered as the most expected human emotion. It can be defined as the sum of life-preserving instincts that […]

Aanandha- Relaxation


Human beings are in pursuit of happiness. If we take it in a philosophical sense, it will be the continuous search for the ‘self.’ S/he is in the greatest quest of ‘who I am.’ Even though mood, feel and enthusiasm may change according to age, the search for happiness persists till death. Individual’s realisation of […]

Amrith – The Womb Melodies


Motherhood is the most cherished but painful delight in the world. No other feelings can be compared to the happiness and selflessness of giving birth. Conception is the most surprising and overwhelming experience for most of us. Realisation of this is something that is beyond words and expressions. Prenatal period is considered as the sacred […]

Zayana – For Insomnia


Healthy sleep is a symptom of a healthy body. Healthy sleep helps to the body remain healthy and to become active personality. All the repair works happening in the body when it is at rest. Just like water, air and food, sleep is a core requirement for a human body. One should make sure that […]

New Normal and Public Psyche


The global presence of Covid-19 remains undefeated evenafter 8 months of first reported case in Wuhan in December 2019. It has affected social and behavioural pattern of the world. Sociocultural factors take a hitherto unknown turn and society is forced to accept the New Normal condition. As the spread of Covid-19 increases at an alarming […]

Can Corona be a Constructive Disruptor?


Most of the worries raised by the parents in the time of Covid-19 are centred on the mental stress of students. Academia is experiencing massive reforms globally amid lockdown. As students are locked in houses, their anxieties pervade through multiple dimensions. Students are in different phases of their academic year. As part of lockdown, their […]