Palana Neurosync

Caring Billions of Brains


Why Palana Neurosync

Habilitate the Innate Strength

Palana Neurosync will be a game changer App, being world’s first copyrighted tracks blended with Ancient wisdom and Modern technology.

Neurosync waves are capable of rewiring one’s old neural pathways. By synchronizing neurons one can evoke their inner faculties, state of relaxation even during high stress and also heals mental & physical discomforts. And as such have been labeled the digital drug with amazing results.


Revival of Innocence

Palana introducing unique sound waves to help billions of people across the globe. Palana Neurosync derived from two decades of intensive Research & Development. As our tagline says “Caring billions of brains,”  we are committed to serve with possible results. Brain synchronization is achieved by strengthening the parts of the brain that is not used often, creating new neurological connections in the brain and balancing central nervous system.

Resulting a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional benefits enhancing mind-body integration and overall improvements in physical and emotional health.


Elevate your vibration

Manifest miracles with various Neurosync Waves which allow to reflect on positive energy.


the infinite relaxation

Experiencing extreme happiness is the state of “aanandha”, one of the highest states of being. Everyone would not attain such a level of experience. Aanandha Neurosync Waves elevate you to an undiscovered  level of happiness.


Evoke your prosperity consciousness

Cultivating entrepreneurial mindset. This wave is exclusively for entrepreneurs who want to explore the real success. Nourish your hunger for achievement with the frequencies from Samriddhi Neurosync Waves.


the ultimate satisfaction

Sexual life can be considered as one of the key factor to a satisfied relationship. Incompetent self-schema of a person causes sexual difficulties. Sexellence Neurosync Waves offer a satisfying relationship, thus a happy family.


listen to learn

Concentration, internalization and logical reasoning are the most important path of acquiring and applying knowledge. The art of combining these are now easy with Vikas Neurosync. Neurosync Waves Vikas helps you to develop your own learning philosophy.


ease into sleep

Identification and treatment of insomnia  not only reduces the burden of sleeplessness, but also prevent many of its adverse consequences. Zayana Neurosync Waves lead you to the world of blissful sleep.


the awakening

You are your own kind of music. Prabhav Neurosync Waves is crafted to cleanse and normalize the major seven energy centres in our system. He/she will feel mindfulness and would be able to identify the inner potential. Prabhav Neurosync Wave is universal.


the womb melodies

Amrith Neurosync Waves present the simple and rather entertaining solution for anxiety or depressive symptoms during pregnancy. Get ready to celebrate your pregnancy period by interacting with your developing infant.


What People Say

A person who suffers from depression always yearns relief. The word relief is so problematic since it would not be easily definable as others expect. One may not feel relieved with the interaction of people/friends/parents. 

Fasil Vattoli


Regain Energy, Refresh Mind
to Recollect and Concentrate