New Normal and Public Psyche


The global presence of Covid-19 remains undefeated evenafter 8 months of first reported case in Wuhan in December 2019. It has affected social and behavioural pattern of the world. Sociocultural factors take a hitherto unknown turn and society is forced to accept the New Normal condition.

As the spread of Covid-19 increases at an alarming rate, some sort of fear, anxiety, and concern are growing among the people. The situation is becoming stressful to people like older adults, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, students and diseased. Multiple factors— panic, quarantine loneliness, losing job, academic uncertainty, economic setback and domestic violence— cause to stimulate negative thoughts.

People who are suffered by any of these uncertain conditions are advised to practice yoga, meditation, music therapy, and workouts as a part of stress relieving process. The ultimate goal is to make such people aware of their innate potential and hence build resilience.

Palana Neurosync

What we have to learn is to live in tune with Nature. Nature is the real source of energy and rehabilitation. The rhythm has to be captured, listened, and practiced, through which one learns to find her/his soul—the soul to lead into the future.


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