Sex is not only a reproductive process but a mesmerising experience that binds human relationships together. Human morality, unlike animals, encourages monogamy hence consistent happiness in lovemaking with the same partner is very important. Eros is generally considered as the most expected human emotion. It can be defined as the sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to gratify basic needs and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind.

Sexual dysfunction is not a new crisis. Psychologists all over the world have studied on it and conclude mental status as its epicentre. Modern lifestyle has made drastic changes in family interactions as well as sexual satisfaction. Decreasing reproducing capacity of humans to an alarming rate, declining urge during intercourse, reduced interest due to aging, false notions about sexuality, etc. are some of the reason that directly affect sexual satisfaction. Studies point out that seventy in hundred doesn’t fully experience the pleasure of sex. Depression and anxiety has adversely affected the sexual life of young people. Problems like work pressure, sickness, business failure, financial issues, liquor, smoking, drugs are some of the reasons for sexual dysfunction which ultimately leads to lack of affection and failing relationship. Researches prove that most of these can be cured and mental equilibrium can be reinstated by better brain functioning.

palana_neurosync_sexellence_THE ULTIMATE SATISFACTION

There are many sex related misconceptions. Women lose sexual excitement with menopause, penis size determines sexual pleasure, man initiates lovemaking, and aging causes decline of sexual urge are some of these. All these understanding is unscientific but, unfortunately, these are deeply influenced the psyche of common mass. Intimacy, connection, pleasure and bodily sensations are always changing. Thoughts and feelings have to be balanced according to it. Human brain is the real connector that redirects all these changing factors into pleasurable and memorable moments. Sexuality is controlled by brain hence it is known as the biggest sex organ. Most of the sex related issues are connected with sexual energy centres and neurons. Which means an individual’s satisfaction and pleasure is directly proportional to the strength of physical and mental balance.

We introduce to you the world’s first Palana Neurosync Sexellence brain waves. Blending ancient wisdom and modern technology, it acts as a catalyst to stimulating sexual energy centres through different brain waves and creates new sexual neural pathways. As a result of regular listening of Sexellence brain waves, hormones like endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine will be secreted and generates a mental and physical state where one could fully experience the ultimate pleasure of sexuality.

Love and sex have reciprocal influence. As mentioned, physical and mental happiness is the only factor that binds these sublime feeling and mesmerising experience together. That is the reason even a feather touch could arouse a woman but not muscle power. Likewise, an enchanting eye contact could arouse man more than a naked body. The more love, consolation and caring work as the symptoms of sexual satisfaction the more sex works as the best stress buster and love booster.

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