Palana neurosync

2020 had been undoubtedly a challenging year. The pandemic has thrown us to an unprecedented situation creating unpredictable circumstances. Normality itself capsized and human beings started discussing the new normal.

The spread of COVID-19 has affected educational systems across the globe. School shutdown and social isolation have affected all students. Uncertainty generated by the pandemic and the subsequent changes in teaching and learning process are traumatic to the economically backward students.

As Corona virus disarrays academic activities worldwide, educators are forced to conduct classes online. Learning from home has created multiple impact upon the students. It is a new experience for almost 99% students across the world. In India, major section of students did not have gadgets and Internet connectivity. The terror brought about by the pandemic, new mode of teaching learning process and the exclusion created by the economic backwardness caused to generate severe mental disturbance among students.

The growing number of Covid-19 cases, economic uncertainty, home isolation and hostile approach towards the Covid-19 patients have caused indelible impact on human well-being. The stress prevailing among the guardians gradually passes to the children. It also affected student community’s mental health badly. A recent study suggests that the current pandemic will undo months of academic gains, leaving many students behind.

PALANA realizes the urgency of assisting those who are suffering from mental disturbance. The Neurosync Waves invented by it have been widely acknowledged as the ultimate solution for mental health. Palana provides seven set of brain waves which is an amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern technology. Neurosync Wave is one among them, specially invented for students’ concentration, elevation and mental peace.

Mental health and academic achievements are interlinked. Research shows, chronic stress changes the chemical and physical structure of the brain, impairing cognitive skills like attention, concentration, memory, and creativity. Palana Neurosync Vikas helps to improve mental development, concentration, creativity, thought process, imaginative capacity and learning skill of children. And it plays a major role in eliminating anxiety and mental stress. It acts as a catalyst in binding students’ confidence and enthusiasm. Palana has already provided free subscription of Vikas Neurosync Waves for Indian students considering the pandemic situation and its impact on students.
Palana is committed to the students and families who rely on it. In order to encourage 10th grade students mentally and financially, Palana introduces Vikas Student Scholarship. The Scholarship will be an encouraging factor for those who are appearing for exam. It is a promising reward for those who aspires success. Palana provides 10000 rupees scholarship for ongoing 10th standard students. It is part of a mission to inculcate stress free student community. So, the award is restricted for those who have completed 90 days listening of Palana Neurosync, Vikas. Better decisions make better generations.

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