Zayana – For Insomnia


Healthy sleep is a symptom of a healthy body. Healthy sleep helps to the body remain healthy and to become active personality. All the repair works happening in the body when it is at rest. Just like water, air and food, sleep is a core requirement for a human body. One should make sure that he or she gets a proper sleep everyday. We spend one-third of our life for sleeping. Sleep span changes  person to person. It depends on age, sex, health etc.
For a good health a good sleep is mandatory. It is essential for the process of brain, lungs and heart, for better blood circulation, for the growth of cells, for regulating obesity etc.

Unfortunately due to current lifestyle and various mental- physical distress majority of the population suffers lack of sleep. It can be due to pressure in job, busy lifestyle, tension etc. Over anxiety produces hormones like adrenaline which in turn wakes the brain part resulting energy, when this becomes a routine one will not get enough sleep resulting improper balance of the body. Which leads to diseases like Depression, Alzheimer’s, Heart problems, Sex related issues, Strokes etc,.

palana_neurosync_zayana_EASE INTO SLEEP

Palana Neurosync Wave Zayana is the combination of Ancient wisdom and Modern technology, which is developed for the people who are suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia. Zayana  be a great relief for all those who cannot handle mental pressure and leading a stressful life.

Palana assures every Zayana listener a better relaxation and a sound sleep. 

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