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Prabhav – Awakening


Personality can be defined as the set of features that cause to attract or repel others. It refers to individual differences in thinking, feeling and behaving. Personality decides the role of a person in society. Who leads and who follows is mostly decided by the personality of individual. In another words, charisma of a person is directly associated with the features of the particular person. Being charismatic is the most expected quality for many of us. Almost all human beings are innately capable of achieving such an elevated character. Human body energy system is the decisive force of personality development. It has 114 energy centres in which 7 are considered as the determinants of mental and physical development. Life of an individual can be changed with the awakening of these energy centres.


Successful people are those who have the elevated level of energy. Meditation is one of the best ways to awaken energy centres, but that is not enough for personality development. The awakened energy level has to be channelized and transformed into thinking and reasoning process. Since brain is the centre of thinking and reasoning process, neural pathways also have to be stimulated with a steady and structured cognitive exercise. Whenever an individual’s energy centres and neural pathways are stimulated, one would be able to understand her/his inner core. Understanding the inner core can be defined as the journey into one’s self. Those who make an inner journey could control inner thoughts and it results in their behaviour. The inner journey can be fulfilled easily and fully by listening PALANA NEUROSYNC, PRABHAV.

Those who aspire a successful and fulfilling life are suggested to listen Prabhav. It opens a straight path to success by altering negative thoughts and rejuvenating energy centres. When a person conflates with the captivating musical waves of Prabhav, energy level rises remarkably and s/he realises the individual growth potential resides within. It means the real force to lead into all achievements is the mind itself. This is the philosophy Palana puts forward, that is the “Guru is Inside.”

Palana Neurosync Prabhav helps to:

• experience true self (the concept of ‘The Guru is inside’)
• balance energy level (Automatically normalise)
• establishing love for fellow beings
• control emotions like irascibility and sadness
• improve intellectual behaviour

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