Children are the greatest blessing of the Almighty. No treasure can nourish human emotions than their children. Human pleasure and expectations are centred on their offspring. In another way the most valuable thing that a couple can present to the world is their children. Because they are the future. They are the riding force of future generations. If they are being treated with love, care and orientation, they will be leading the future world. Lacking love, care and orientation may cause to lead them into doom. Parents have the privilege to lead them into a bright future.

As we experience a drastic social, economic and cultural transformation, interaction between parents and children also changes. Interaction between parents and children varies family to family. Hence, children start to think about her/his position in the family and they even notice their missing part in childhood. Most of these happen when they compare them with their friends and their parents. In addition to such an interaction gap, they may experience emotional crisis. Family problems, loneliness, sexual exploitation, learning disabilities and drug use are some of the reasons to generate a stressful life.


Children who have been unrecognised, misused and ill-treated in their early developmental days are prone to grow bad tempered and criminal minded. Good crops grow in good soil. Childhood is an individual’s best days that boosts one’s growth and success in life. You reap what you sow. Younger generations are the real strength of our society and nation. Parents and teachers have a decisive role in the making of a better generation. They can lead children either to a bright future or into doom. These guiding factors may obviously face some limitations. There arises the need of an external help that too has to be operated within the child’s imaginative realm.

A child’s future depends on their thoughts and neural pathways. If we can magically impact their thoughts and neural pathways, resulting change will definitely be unpredictably excellent. This level of mental state can be attained by making movements in neural pathways through different brain waves.

Here is where the importance of “Palana Neurosync Vikas “ arises. Vikas has to be perceived as a responsibility supplement of parents and teacher to students and, hence to the society. Vikas helps to improve mental development, thoughts, imaginative capacity and learning skills of children. Palana Neurosync Vikas works as a digital nutrition which helps to identify the inner talents and also helps students to recognise who they actually are.

Vikas is one of the Palana Neurosync waves developed by combining ancient wisdom and modern technology. It helps to:

• Increase reasoning and memory power
• Improve concentration
• Enhance focus
• Improve creativity
• Attain good grasping power

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